Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Week Before Mid-Terms

I did not mean to go almost an entire week without posting.  It has just been a very busy week. Our little one, who Kara has named Lucky, has been doing well.   She opened her eyes on Friday, and is growing quite a bit.  She has had to been fed every 2-3 hours around the clock, so Kara and I have been very tired.  She is worth the missed sleep though!  Now that she has opened her eyes, she is ready to start the weaning process.  Soon, hopefully I will be able to get a lot more sleep. 

We are just a few days from the  time of the year, that parents of high schoolers dread.. Mid- term week! Kyle has had to catch up on a lot of homework.   With his Aspergers, homework has always been a struggle for him.  It's not that he can't do it, he can, he just hates to do it.   It can be difficult for someone with Aspergers to be made to do something they don't want to do. Writing is very tiring for him, so he tries to avoid it as much as possible.  He has been getting better as he gets older, but is still not quite there yet.   Kristina, my oldest, is taking her core classes online through the high school.  This has been a definite blessing, except for the end of the semester. Let's just say that she is not that  strong in time management. Even after five semesters of taking classes this way, she always has a lot to finish the last few weeks.  She always finishes, but swears she will pace herself better the next time..  This semester she was probably the farthest behind in all five semesters.  She does have an extra class this year, and is taking her hard junior classes.  She will get it all done by the deadline, but it will be a full week of work.  

We are also in a bit of a busy period with the kids extra activities.  Kara has been in dance for many years.  In December she tried out for the ballet production, that will be presented at the dance recital at the end of the year.  Rehearsals for the productions will be starting soon.   Kyle is on the high school robotics team, and  they are in the middle of build season.  Each team only has approximately six weeks to build their robots for competition.  They are currently meeting a few times a week now.   Tonight he also had a Link party to go to. He used to have a parapro help keep him on track during the school day. Now that he is in high school, he has an upper classman, come to one of his classes with him, to assist him if needed.  Once during the semester, the student is supposed to attend a social event with their link.  The event he wanted to attend was scheduled at the same time as robotics, so he was unable to go.   Instead he went to movie night that was being held at one of the link's homes.   He was unsure about going, but he was looking forward to the pizza, and was hoping they would be showing a good movie.   Once I got back home, I forgot to take my phone out of my purse.  Big mistake!   About halfway through the party, he started texting me that he wanted to go home.  They were showing the movie Grease, and he can not stand musicals.  He was also one of only two boys there, and did not know anyone.  His link did not make it.   When Kara came to tell me that Kyle had been trying to reach me and to check my phone.  I was shocked to see several texts, including one saying if I did not text back to him soon he was walking home!  He  was seven miles away, after dark,  18 degrees,  and he had no idea how to get home. When he could not handle the movie anymore,  he walked out of the party, and stood outside.  While he was standing in the driveway,  the mom came out to stay to him.  He was annoyed, but I was grateful. If she hadn't, he might have gone missing again.   She was very nice, and understanding why he wanted to leave.  When I pulled up, she walked him to the car so she could say hi to me.   On the way home, he said had it been a movie he liked he might have stayed for the whole party, but he just could not take all the singing. He also said next time he is going to the get together it will be the one  at the arcade. 

Whew..  I think I need to get a bit of sleep while I can.. The next feeding will be coming up pretty soon.  

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