Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

This picture was the first one I took at the beginning of the snow fall on Sunday morning.  I had gone out to get the newspaper, before the weather got too bad. I noticed there was probably already 4 inches of snow on the driveway that had fallen overnight.   I was looking at the trees in the backyard.  They looked so pretty covered in snow.  

This was the view of our deck.  Notice that my table only had a dusting of snow on it at the time. Things were snow covered, but not with more than 4-6 inches, but the snow was going to continue to come down.  

Another view of our backyard. I love that big beautiful tree. It was where we had just had the funeral for Mocha.

This picture was taken later in the afternoon on Sunday.  We had several more inches, and it was still coming down. 

Here are the pictures I took this morning.  My flower pots on the deck.. completely buried. There is a good two feet of snow on the deck. 

Notice that table now..  the snow is so deep it looks like a giant cake. If only it was not -14 out (even colder with the windchill) I would go out and decorate it.  

As you can imagine, we did not go back to school today. That's a good thing  since it took hours to clear the driveway.   We also will  not have school on Tuesday, because it is just unsafe with the extreme temps.  We will have to wait and see about Wednesday.  We had the day before break off because of ice..  now the first two days back are off too..  My kids are not going to know what to do when they actually have to go back to school.   

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