Thursday, January 23, 2014

Somebody is 3! (3 weeks old that is)

Look who is getting so big.  Lucky is 3 weeks old today.  She is still small, but is looking more grown up every day. 


Last weekend, she opened her eyes which meant it was time to start weaning.  We found a great site that gives great tips on how to take care of a baby mouse.  She is still getting kitten formula, but instead of us hand feeding her, she is getting it from nibbling on crisp bread.soaked in it.  It takes a little while for mice to learn how to lap liquid, so it will be a little bit longer for her to get her own water bottle.  A great thing about her eating solid food on her own, it means we can get some sleep again.   No more middle of the night feedings!.  

Hello world! 

Somebody else had a birthday this week as well, except she is a lot older than 3 weeks. :)  My oldest daughter turned 17!  Eeek!!  I can't believe how fast time as flown.  I surprised her with a soup and salad lunch at Olive Garden. 

We then had a family dinner at her favorite sushi restaurant.. Yum!  I still need to make her a birthday cake. We have been quite busy with it being the end of the semester.   Kyle finished all of his exams today, and she will be done with all of her work tomorrow at midnight.   This weekend I will finally be able to catch up all on all the things I had to put off doing because of the baby mouse and school work, like finish putting away the Christmas decorations.  (yes some of them are still up!) 

This weekend it is looking to be  quite the hectic schedule, with  a possible sleepover, robotics, ballet rehearsal, and a birthday slumber party all while dealing with more snow and frigid temps.  I am sure it will make for some good stories for next week. 

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