Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun

These last few weeks have been very busy.  This week with all of the excitement of Halloween, we also have the end of the quarter and finals.  If that was not enough,  Kara has a choir concert, and I have a birthday.   I am not sure even sure when we will have time to carve our pumpkins this year.  Hopefully we can before Friday night. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Big Surprises, Corn Mazes and the Best Friend Curse

Starting back in first grade, Kara has been followed by a best friend curse. Every single year she would make a best friend, and within a year for whatever reason, they would move away. In first grade it was Brooke. They shared a locker and spent a lot of time together in class. Brooke moved soon after school was over. In second grade there were two friends who moved.  She met Hannah at the beginning of second grade. During the summer when second grade was over, she moved to another town to be closer to relatives.  Also that summer, Marlo who had been her best friend in preschool, moved to another state.  In third grade she got really close with Keely. There was talk that Keely was going to move when third grade was over, but she did not end up moving. Instead Kara was surprised when another close friend, Medaya, ended up moving instead.  In fourth grade, we thought she broke the curse, but that was not to be..  In August, right before fifth grade started she found out one of her closest friends since kindergarten was going to move to Tennessee a few weeks after school started.  Out of all of her friends, losing Caitlyn was the hardest.  She still really misses Caitlyn three years later.  During fifth grade she met another best friend named Sena.  It's been three years, and it looks like Sena will be staying put.  That does not mean the curse has been broken though. In sixth grade, Keely did end up moving to another state.  This year in September, her close  friend Emma moved without a lot of notice, because her dad got a promotion in another state.  If you have been counting, that is SEVEN friends who have moved in the last seven years.  

This weekend, we got the most wonderful surprise.  Caitlyn came for a surprise visit.  It was not announced until that day she was to arrive, in case something happened and, they could not come.  They live a few states away. Kara was so excited when she found out, she sent me a happy  text during lunch.  I had found out a few hours before, but had planned on waiting until she got home from school to tell her.   When Caitlyn lived here, she was part of our girl scout troop.  Our troop had planned on going to a corn maze that evening, and they were going to arrive in time to go. The girls were so happy to see each other. I had wanted to get a few pictures of the two of them together before it got dark, but they ended up getting lost in the maze, and were the last of our troop to exit. 

They got to spend more time together today, and this time I got some daylight pictures.  It was a very nice weekend.  As expected, it was hard to say goodbye, but hopefully it wont be too long before we see her again.