Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Surviving My Crazy Life

It is New Year's Eve and I have been thinking about starting this blog for awhile.  You see, my life with my kids seems to be crazier than most.   There always seems to be something "crazy" that  happens that I want to share about it.  Sometimes things happen, because we have a house full of animals.  Sometimes things happen that are just off the wall.  I do share about my life  from time to time on my other blog   Pams Party and Practical Tips, but I wanted a place where I can write more about our day to day life.  

One reason why our lives are anything but boring is because of the letter A.  There are a lot of conditions that start with the letter A, and we seem to have several in our house.  My oldest daughter went through a very serious bout of anxiety and depression  the last several years.  While this past year, she finally has made some real progress, everyone once in awhile there is still  a bump in the road.  My son also has an A, he has Aspergers.   While it is on the mild side, it can be a blessing and a curse.  One blessing is he is super smart, and excels in math.  He is taking Algebra 2 as a freshman, and just missed out on getting an A+ last quarter. I took Algebra 2 as a senior, so I am amazed with his skill. Whenever I have a math question, I always  ask him.  While he can do well in his other classes too, he does not like to do homework. Homework  has been a battle for us most of his life. Another not so good thing is he is one of the most stubborn people on the planet.   My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with A.D.D.   While she is not hyperactive (thank goodness), there are times when it is hard to get her to focus on the task at hand.  After she was diagnosed two years ago, I found out I have A.D.D too,  Suddenly things began to make sense.  I have always had  hard time staying organized. I have never been what you would call a neat person. I was a messy child, and I am now a messy adult. I try to be neat, I really do, but it is extremely hard.  My daughter also tends to be messy, so much so that I call her the human tornado because a path of destruction follows her.  So as you can imagine with anxiety, Aspergers and A.D.D, why chaos ensues quite frequently.  

So I hope you follow along with us on our crazy journey through life, and you will see why I am trying to stay sane while raising three teenagers.  

So Happy New Year, let this new journey begin!