Thursday, January 2, 2014

An Unexpected Surprise...

This was the scene at our house on Christmas.  Don't worry about the cat, she is just looking.  Reeses is really good with the other animals, she really does just like to sit and watch them.  She has never laid a paw on any of them, and she was the one who got my attention when one of the hamsters escaped.

Remember me saying just the other day, that our animals are sometimes the cause for the craziness in our house?  Well today was one of those days.  First of all let me explain why we have the mice.  Kara really loves animals, and she knows when we wants an animal all she needs to do is ask her dad.  He has a hard time saying no, especially when she begs.   Several months ago she feel in love with some mice at the pet store, and has been asking/begging ever since.  So when her dad asked her what she really wanted for Christmas, I knew we would end up adding some mice to our brood.    He took her to the pet store, and she picked out four of the "male" mice.  She was thrilled to get them as her big present on Christmas morning.

This afternoon I heard her yell from the other room..  "Mom!" "Mom!" "Come here, something happened with the mice!"  To be honest, I was afraid to find out what.  The last time I heard her yell, "Mom!"  was when she found Mocha dead in her cage.  I reluctantly got up, and went to go see what had happened.   

I was worried that their might have been another death.  Instead of finding out someone had died, I saw this.......   SEVEN baby mice!!!!  It seems one of those "male" mice was a mama to be!!  Luckily when Kara noticed the mice, she saw the lighter spotted mouse (Frappe) gathering up the babies,   She was pretty sure that Frappe was the mom..  My first thought was "What Do We Do Now?!!"  We both knew we had to get that male mice away from the babies ASAP!!.  Luckily the big mice are a bit on the weird side. They have been stuffing themselves in the tube all together and  hanging upside down, so they were easy to move to another cage. 

So far Frappe is turning out to be a pretty good mama.  I know this picture is not the best, but we really did not want to disturb her while she was nursing the little ones.  Kara is being a good "mama" too.  She has been doing a lot of reading, and knows what she needs to do with the baby mice in the next few weeks.  Hopefully there will not be anymore unexpected surprises, but I am pretty sure there will be..  That is just how things go at our house.  

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