Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Back to School

The last few weeks have been very busy at our house.  We had three separate registrations days at two different schools.   All of the kids got their schedules, and I got to pay fees.   All three of the kids have a pretty good schedule this year.  Another big event that happened this month, was my now Senior, had a Senior photo session.  She did not want to have a full session, but she did have a yearbook session.  This is not her actual photo, it was just taken on my phone when she was done.  I did not realize it was a bit blurry until I got home.  We all love her final photo and I cant wait to get  copies.  

In addition to getting ready for back to school, Kara is getting ready to go back to dance.  We had a meet and greet the teacher party, we she meet the two new instructors at the studio. She has known one almost her whole life, because she used to dance at the studio.  Kara loved her whens he was little.  Now she is back after going to college and getting married.   Her new hip hop teacher seems really cool.  He has traveled as a professional dancer, and now that he is back home is teaching hip hop.  One the way to meeting with the studio owner to decide our final classes, we were caught in yet another really bad summer storm. This picture was taken in the middle of the afternoon!  By the time we got to the studio, the rain had started coming down, and the power was out.  We were able to still meet though, thanks to emergency lights.  By the time we were done, the rain had stopped.  While our town missed the worst of it, the counties to our east got even more flooding and toppled trees.  125,000 people were without power for like the 5th time this summer.  We were lucky enough to have only lost it once. (you can read about it here

We are now in the final weekend of the summer, and then it is back to school and all the craziness that comes with it.   

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