Saturday, September 6, 2014

We Survived the First Week of School

This week was our first day back to school. We are a summer family. We love staying up late and sleeping in. I knew this week we would have to adjust to a much earlier schedule.  My youngest was the first one to leave.  She goes to a different school, and had a full day. We were able to take some great pictures, and she got to school in plenty of time.  Let's hope this continues, because she is not always good at moving in the morning, and has had at least a few tardies.  

Next up were my high schoolers. They did not have to be to school until noon.  I had them ride the bus that day, because they have done some construction at the HS, and the parking lot was going to be a mess.  My son does not like to pose for pictures or go back to school. He is also not a fan of doing homework.  Doesn't he look so happy here?! 

I really like this picture. I had mixed feelings about her going back to school. This year she is  Senior. Time has really flown by.  I can't believe she is going to graduate this year.  

Since they leave at different times in the morning, I wanted to get a group shot of them after school.  This shot almost did not happen. It was very warms in the 80s  My oldest had changed her clothes and wet her hair, my son laid on the couch and did not want to get up. Finally after a few minutes of me telling them they had to as this was their sister's last first day, they went outside to pose for me.  My son tried to stand in the middle. His younger sister did not want to stand by him, because they do not always get along.  While we all thought she was being a bit dramatic, it was easier to take the picture with him on the other side.  I was happy that I was able to get a couple of good shots, considering how the session started.  Twenty minutes later, two of my kids were napping.  While I understand why my youngest was, she had a full day of school and had to get up early, but so was my son.  I guess that 2 1/2 hours of school and going to school at noon,  must have tired him out.  

The second day we were on regular schedules, that meant everyone had to get up early including me.  My son has to get up by 6 a.m. to make the bus.  My oldest does not have to go in first thing, but she does have to be at school by second hour which means an early morning for her too.  There have been some semesters where she did not need to be at school until 4th hour or later, so this is new for her. After school, all three of them were so tired they all fell asleep. 

Right after I had everyone to school on the 3rd day, I got a phone call from my youngest. She was in the nurses office.  She felt nauseous, and had almost passed out in 1st hour.  She did not have a fever, but was feeling a little bit dizzy.  They had given her some apple juice to drink. I told her to rest for a few minutes to see if the juice made her feel better. I thought she might have been having an allergic reaction now that she is back around perfumes etc. at school. (she has a scent allergy)  Less than an hour later, I got another phone call.  It seems while she was resting, she had actually fallen asleep.  I picked her up, and she was home by 10 a.m. She seemed okay after little rest.  I have a feeling it was a combination of high heat (it was very warm and humid out), too little sleep, and her body reacting to being around perfumes again.  That night my son had homework in almost every class.  I was happily surprised when he sat in the room with me and did it all.  

On Friday things went smoothly.  My youngest felt better, and everyone got to school on time again.. As soon as I dropped off my youngest at school, she realized she forgot her lanyard/ID.  She text me, before the first bell rang.  My phone was on the charger though, and I was not near it when she texted me.  I dropped off the oldest, and when I got back home realized my phone was still on the charger.  I saw that my youngest had sent me a text an entire hour earlier. Ooops!   I ran it over to the school, because they have to wear it at all times this year.  She tends to forget things a lot (she takes after her mama). but I am hoping that this does not become a regular thing. After school, they all dumped their backpacks on the floor, and you guessed it, took another nap!


  1. We survived the first week of school too, but got sick in the process. My daughter is out of school today with a low-grade fever and stuffed head. :(

  2. We survived...exhaustedly but we made it :)

  3. YAY! I'm glad things went pretty smoothly. Here's to a great second week, too!

  4. We survived too, but still wished it was summer vacation. Miss sleeping in. LOL, Have a great school year.