Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to Normal

I am sorry to have been quite for so long. We have had a few quiet weeks.  It is the lull before the back to school craziness that will be happening in the next few weeks.  After 16 days without my car, I finally got it back today! In addition to the popped tire, there had been some under damage which we did not know about  until the car was towed. It is as good as new now. I have been driving not one, but two loaners in the last few weeks. We were originally told that our car would be finished last Thursday.  On Friday morning we found out that they needed just a little more time. We were also told that they would give us a free loaner car, since our insurance paid loaner needed to be turned in.  We dropped off one car, and went straight to the other car rental place for the other.  This past weekend, I had a high school reunion in another state.  I had not decided for sure if I was going to go, but when I did not get my car back I did not think it was a good idea to put 350 miles on the loaner car.  Thankfully with the magic of Facebook,  I have seen so many pictures that I feel like I was there.   

My daughter has gone out in public in cosplay a few more times. I have been trying to take  her picture, but every time she sees my phone she turns away.   I admit,  I had to laugh when she wore the wig when we went out to eat a new restaurant in town and she saw several people she knew.  One of those people used to be her reading teacher from elementary school.  She was shocked when she saw how my kids were  now.  She was so relieved to find out that  my daughter  was wearing  wig, and did not cut off her gorgeous hair. The other people we saw were our neighbors.  I am sure they were confused by the wig as well.  

Now that we are heading into August, we are starting back to school mode. We have bought a few clothes and school supplies.  Registration days are coming up fast and school will be here before we know it.  I am in no hurry though, summer is my favorite time of the year. 

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