Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cookies, Cars and Baby Mice

It has been another week of freezing cold temperatures, sick kids, and just general chaos.     Monday was the calm before the storm.  We were on our last day of winter break. They kids had a few activities in the evening, but it was otherwise a quiet today.   Tuesday.. not so much.  

Kara  woke up not feeling that well again.  Since she had been fine the night before, I thought it might be because she was really tired.  I told her that she has missed a lot of school lately, and that she needed to go. An hour later, she called me from school. She said she felt like she was going to pass out in choir, so her teacher allowed her to go to the office.  When I went in to pick her up, the school secretary who have I have known for years told me that she thought Kara might have the flu.  I told her that did not cross my mind, since Kara did not have a fever.  Since Mrs. M sees a lot of sick kids on a daily basis, I decided to give the Dr. a call.  They were able to get us right in.  Her regular Dr. had a full schedule, but one of the other doctors we know, had an opening that morning.  It turns out she did not have the flu.. Whew!  She did have a pretty bad sinus infection though! At least it was something that could be treated, and was not contagious. 

 Also on that day, a road/utility  worker almost got me hit by a train... seriously..  I was on my way to pick up my oldest daughter from school.   On one of the roads I have to drive on, there were some workers working on an utility pole right next to the railroad tracks.   Because cars had to go in only one lane for a short time,  there were two workers holding slow/stop signs on each side of the where they were working. When I got close to the worker on my side,  he turned his sign from stop to slow, and waved me on.  Just as I was almost on the the tracks, the lights and bells started going off. The worker standing on the tracks still waved me on.  As I crossed the tracks the warning bars starting coming down. I had a split second  of panic that my car was going to be hit by one of the bars.  I hear the worker yell, GO!  GO!   I barely made it across without out getting hit by the bars. I am only about 50 feet away, when I see the train go by in the rear view mirror.  Moral of this story..  When the warning lights come on as you are about to cross the tracks.. don't listen to a worker when he tells you to cross anyway..  

On Wednesday, there was more trouble with cars, but at least it was not me this time.  I had dropped of Kyle at Robotics, and I was just about home when my cell phone rang.  I was on a very busy road, and my phone was in my purse so I could not answer it.    I pull over in a McDonalds parking lot to see who called, and saw it was the husband.  I call him back, but my call went to voice mail so I continued on to the house.  He calls back again as I pull into our neighborhood.  This time I pick up.  Seems he is having a little bit of an emergency.   He has run out of gas on a busy highway, on a curve during rush hour.  He asks me if I can bring him the gas can.  I told him that I just arrived at the house, so I could.  I find out he was really close to where I just was when I was on my way home from dropping off Kyle.  As I approached the area I knew he was, I see a car the same color as his and pull up behind it.. As soon as I do, I realize it is another car that had been left on the side of the road.  Because it was rush hour, it took quite awhile before I could get back on the highway to go another quarter mile down the road.  He was very happy to see me. He tells me that he wants me to go as soon as he gets the gas can, because we were in danger of being hit on the curve.   I tried to do what he said, but it was wall to wall cars going pretty fast.  As I was sitting there looking for an opportunity to pull back on the highway, I saw at least vehicles come very close to crossing hitting us, and one was a big truck.. By the time I had a chance to pull out onto the highway he was done putting gas in his car, and trying to pull out too.. We pull out at the same time, and safely made it home.  Moral of this story.. always make sure you have plenty of gas when driving on a busy highway!  

On Thursday, we had a little more fun.  Kara had a Girl Scout cookie booth at a local pizza place. We love having booths there.  It is warm inside, and it smells good.  They only downside, we always end up buying a pizza when we leave.  

This weekend we are on possible baby watch.   Remember a few weeks ago when Frappe had a taste of freedom, well if she did meet up with Oreo during the night, the evidence could show up at any time.  A mouse pregnancy is 18-21 days.  Today is day 19. We don't believe that she is, but we had no idea she was pregnant the first time around either. She is currently running on the wheel, and having a good time with her new female friends.  It is recommended that when you have female mice, that you have 2-3 females.  Female mice are very social, and can easily get depressed when all alone.  After Frappe had her babies, and was separated from the boys, she did appear to be a bit depressed,  Kara used her own money and bought her two friends for Frappe.. Luna (the dark one in the igloo), and Cake (the tan one sitting on the igloo).  Once Luna and Cake acclimated to their new surroundings, she put Frappe in their box for a few short visits.  One night she fell asleep before putting Frappe back in her cage. Things went really well so she has stayed in the temporary cage ever since.  If she does not babies this weekend, all three of them are going to move back into Frappe's cage.  It has been cleaned of any old scent, and since all three have become friends, it should be okay moving into her cage. Frappe just seems so happy to have friends, we don't think she will be territorial. 

I also have an update on Lucky, AKA Spidermouse.   Lucky is now 2 months old and is doing great.  Originally the plan was for Lucky to move back with Frappe once it was an adult.  For many weeks we thought Lucky was a girl.  Then around 6 weeks old or so, Kara noticed it was starting to look more like a male.  Now that Lucky has "matured" it is almost certain that Lucky is male.  Lucky learned to climb about 10 days ago, and does so frequently. He will climb up his water bottle and then do his best Spiderman impression all over the cage lid.  He is looking for Kara. He adores her, and always wants to be held.  He will be getting a wheel in his cage ASAP, so he will have a place for his great acrobatic skills.  

We  survived this week of craziness.. Let's see what this next week will bring..  

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