Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Total Random Week in Suburbia

Have you ever had a week, were it seemed that it was linked with a bunch of random events. Nothing major, but a little thing here, a little thing there.  That is how my week has been going. It started of normally. All three kids got up, and went to school. Later in the morning, I decided to go to Target to look for items I needed for a Lego Movie themed party I am working on.  Since I had to pick up my oldest daughter at a certain time, the plan was to hang out in Target for awhile, and then pick up my daughter on the way home.  My youngest daughter had other plans..   The very minute I go into Target, my cell phone rings..  I hear a small voice on the other end.. "Mom, you need to come pick me up.. I just threw up"  I was surprised by that statement because she seemed totally fine when she left for school a few hours before.   I told her to let the office ladies know that I was going to be a few minutes, because I was clear across town. Since I had made a special trip to look for an specific item, I decided to quickly look before I left.  Unfortunately they did not have what I was hoping for, so my trip to Target was very short.  I got in the car, and looked at the clock.  I had only 20 minutes before I was to pick up my oldest daughter.  I did not really want my youngest daughter to wait 30 minutes in the office while she was sick, so I drove across town to get her.  I quickly dropped her off at the house, and opened the garage for her.  I told her I would be right back.   I then drove back across town again to pick up my older daughter at her school.   Luckily I was only a few minutes late. That afternoon, my youngest daughter threw up for about 3 hours straight, and then took a 6 hour nap.

We get back to the house, and the garage door is still open.  We pull into the garage, and see a giant Robin is flying around, trying to get out.  It is startled enough that it flies to the other side of the garage and tries to get out through a closed window.  My oldest daughter is really worried for the bird.   I tell her that if we go inside and leave the door open, it will fly out on it's own.  A few minutes later, she goes back outside.  She opened the other stall door, and threw small pieces of bread around the door of the garage, hoping the snack would entice him out.  She then came back in, and told me to check on the bird in a little while to see if it got out.    I did check about 30 minutes later and no longer saw the bird. I am assuming it did get out.  

After school my son had to go to Robotics.  It was their last official day of their build before the deadline.  He had been acting weird all day.  That morning,  when he got up, he wouldn't look at me.  He only ate half of his breakfast, and moved very slowly.  He got up from the table,  and looked at the calendar.  He asked me what I would say if he told me part of him had died..  I was like. ummm okay..  I would say, "what in the world did you dream about last night?".   We didn't really have much time to talk, he had to hurry to catch his bus. When he got back home, he seemed more alert. The only problem was, he wasn't speaking English.  They are working on scheduling for next year this week at school.  He has been trying to decide if he should take his required foreign language credit now, or the following year.  He is thinking of taking French, so he whenever I would talk to him or ask him a question he would respond in his "own version" of French.  I would occasionally get a few words in English, but he would not break character and went back to his language.  I picked him up a few hours later, and he was back to himself. He explained to me that he had a lot of trouble sleeping the night before, so he extra tired all day long..  That explains a lot.  

Tuesday had a bit of crazy going on too.. I experienced some major deja vu. 
This is my car stuck in the snow bank in my driveway AGAIN.  I had to climb out the passenger side of the car because I could not get my door open.  

A friend of mine offered to come over and help. I am so glad that she did.  The main reason why I keep getting stuck in the snowbank is there was thick slab of ice/snow pack underneath the snow. My driveway also has quite a bit of a slant that leads to the snowbank. The combination of the slant and the ice causes my car to basically slide into the snowbank like a magnet.  In this picture you case see some of the ice we had to remove to get my car free.. I can't wait until this stuff melts. 

Another big thing that is happening this week is we are forced to think of the future.  We had a meeting for juniors and their parents, to talk about c-o-l-l-e-g-e.  Eek! We are so not ready for this..  A state school starts at $17,000 a year  for tuition and room and board. There was so much information to take in at the meeting.  We are pretty sure she is going to go to a great community college at least at first, because they have a great Art program, and is close to home.  My son who is only a freshman is more likely on the 4 yr state school path.   He is advanced math, and is trying to decide if he should take Pre-Calculus or FST (Functions, Stats and Trigonometry)  It is looking more and more like Pre-Calculus, because he plans on taking AP Calculus. If I  am honest, I really can't help much with that decision.. I don't even really understand what Calculus even is.  He is also stressed because he has to take two semesters of a Visual, Performing, or Applied Art classes as a graduation requirement.  He has to chose from a list of classes, and none of them interest him.  I am trying to get him to take the Web Design Class or Bake Shop so he can help me with coding on the blog, or bake treats for his Cooking with Kyle posts, but so far he isn't  going for it.   He would like to take AP European History or Military History because they sound interesting.   Hopefully we can figure this out, and soon.  The schedules are due in a few days.  

My week is not over yet. We still have a few more days..  I wonder what other randomness events it will bring.   

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