Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow is my Nemesis

Today was one of those days that  if you didn't already dislike winter, you would hate it by the end of the day.  Snow was my nemesis today.  The snow started falling in the middle of the night.  By morning we had  about 3 inches of new snow on the ground. That is on top of the several feet of snow that was already had.  Around the time the kids had to go to school,  it had started snowing pretty hard again. We had at least 3 more inches of snow by noon,  on top of what we got overnight. All of the roads were snow covered, which made driving my kids to school this morning difficult. 

When it was time to take my other daughter to school, the garbage men had left our  garbage can at the end of the driveway.  It  was sticking out in the street just a couple of inches, which usually is no bid deal.  Our driveway is narrow, only wide enough for one car until you get close to the house.   It was a tight squeeze, but I was able to just get by the can.   I  didn't put the can away at the moment, because I was worried she would be late for school because of how bad the roads were.  I had planned on taking it back up to the house when I got back.  

When I got home, I had a bit of a surprise.  I found the trashcan upside down in a snow bank about 5 feet away from my driveway. It seems the snow plow ran into it when he was plowing the street.  Luckily there was no damage, so no harm done, but it was a pain to get upright, and back up the driveway.    When I picked up my oldest daughter a few hours later,  my car got stuck in the driveway, and I could not get it to turn to go in the garage.  The two of us were able to free it relatively quickly, and all was well. (at least at that moment)  

When it was time to go pick up my other daughter, I backed out of the garage.  My car started to get stuck in the middle of the driveway again.  I have found that if I put it in reverse a couple of feet, I usually can get free and drive it forward.  This time though, I was not so lucky.  Do you see where that blue arrow is?..  that is a snow bank that is over 3 feet high.  My front right tire somehow got lodged in that snow bank, and nothing that I did would free my car. I was concerned about my daughter, because I knew she was waiting for me, and  by that point I was about 20 minutes late to pick her up.  I tried to call her several times, but she is having issues with her phone so I could not reach her. I finally had to give up on the car, and set out on foot.   The school is not that far from where we live, but I had to walk through knee deep snow to get there.  By the time I reached her she had been waiting for over a half hour, and  I was exhausted from  fighting  my way through the deep snow.  Luckily one of the office ladies who lives near us was still there, and she gladly drove us back home.  Kara could not have made it back home through the snow, because she has been having a lot of pain in her knees and legs, and will most likely need to see a doctor.   I probably should have taken a picture of my car when it  stuck in the snow bank, but I did not think of it at the time.  I just wanted to get my car free.   Finally after 3 hours, some ice melt, kitty litter, a lot of digging, and some more help from my oldest daughter,, we finally got it out.  Not a moment too soon, because it was starting to get dark.  As I write this now, I am wrapped up in a blanket. I am still a bit chilled even though I was wearing snow pants (a few sizes too small), a warm coat, and waterproof gloves. 

I guess this day was not all bad. While I was at my daughter's school, I saw this beautiful bird family in a tree near the school.  There were several birds in this tree, and at least a couple of nests.  I was amazed that they were so close to the school, and did not seem afraid of the people nearby. 

Today is just one of those days, when I really hate winter..  How many days until spring??  

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