Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Survived the ACTs

When you have a high school student in my state, you know the first week of March means it is testing week.   This year I have a Junior, so it was a really big year for her.   On the first Tuesday of March, all Juniors in the state take their ACTs..  Also during the week, they are given the Michigan Merit Exam, and Work Keys test.   These tests have meant a lot of early mornings for my daughter.  Because of the program she in, she normally goes into school much later than she had to this week. I am really proud of her. she made  it to  bus three days in the row before the sun came up. .   When I picked her up after the ACT, she told me she thought the test was easy, and she thinks she  did pretty good..  I don't know if I should be worried or relieved that she thought it was easy.  I guess we will find out when we get her results later this Spring.  

My son who is a freshman, also had to take a test.  His test was not as stressful as the ACT, but it was still pretty important. He had to take the 9th grade ACT practice test.  He was given the test as an 8th grader, and then again this year. He should do pretty good, since he is takes tests very well.  They use the tests they take as freshman and sophomores to approximate how well they will do on the real test junior yet.  

I also have a good update about the mice.   We are in the clear!!  Frappe did not have another litter of babies after her night trying to meet up with Oreo. (pictured)  If she were to have a litter it would have happened by Monday at the latest.  Since it is now Thursday, there are no ore surprise babies. I just love this picture of our cat Reeses, and Oreo.  They really do like to hang out.  Reeses loves the mice, and will often lay near the cages just to watch them. Oreo is just as curious about the cats as they are about him.  I have a few pictures where the two of them  were looking at each other nose to nose.  This picture is great, because they both turned at looked at me at the same time with what looks like a smile on their face.  

There are a few more things that have been going on, that I will be sharing soon.  

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