Sunday, June 8, 2014

School's Out For the Summer!!

Friday was the last day of school.   While some parents may be sad to see that day arrive, I am not one of them.  Life is much easier when we are out for the summer.  We are all night owls who have a hard time with the super early mornings during the school year. Also as you know from my last few posts, homework is definitely not one of my favorite things in our house.Even with all the stress he caused, Mr.Homework  Avoider finished strong, and got As on all of his finals. We should be finding out his semester grades soon.   Kristina still has this week to finish up her online classes, while her classes at school are over.  Her vacation officially begins on June 13 at midnight.    Kara did very well in all of her classes, and then ended up not feeling well on her last day of school.   

We have a tradition on the last day of school. We go downtown to our local Dairy Queen and get ice cream.  We started this tradition when Kristina had finished the 1st grade, Kyle was in preschool, and Kara was not quite 3.   They sure have grown up!  Kristina is now going to be a Senior is in high school, Kyle a sophomore, and Kara an 8th grader. 

This summer they are not going to just lay around all day, and then wonder where summer went. Since all three would like to earn money, I came up with a job board, where they can make money doing projects around the house.   The more they help, the more money they can make. We are also going to do another Summer Fun Challenge since they do not have many more childhood summers left.  The "plan" is to work a few hours a day, and then do something fun.  Hopefully this will be a summer to remember.   

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