Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Juggling Kids

I have been planning on writing this post for several days.  Parents of multiple kids in activities often find things scheduled for the same day, usually at different locations, AT THE SAME TIME.   With three kids, I can't remember how many times this has happened to us. Lately it has been happening a lot.  

Last week is a great example of why it is good to have some juggling skills, because it was a crazy circus act of activity.  Tuesday was probably one of the most interesting days.  My oldest had to be at an appointment in a neighboring town about 20 minutes away at 8:30 a.m. We knew there would be some rush hour traffic, so we allowed some extra time and left at 7:45. We knew heavy snow and freezing rain would be occurring some time in the morning, but they were predicting a little bit later.  It decided to start just as we were heading out.  I did not  want to cancel the appointment because we had spent a lot of time trying to reschedule it for this day. My daughter started a work program, and could no longer go to the original time.  The person she was seeing that day was making a special trip in on her day off just to see my daughter. In the picture, you are looking at a 3 LANE HIGHWAY in bumper to bumper traffic going less than 10 mph.  The truck in front of us was being pulled by a tow truck. We saw an accident in the lane right next to us. When the appointment time came, we were still stuck in this mess. It took 30 minutes just to go three miles!  My daughter looked up the number on my cell phone, and called to let them know we were going to be late.  They told us not to worry. because they would see us whenever we could get there. The person we were seeing also had not made it in yet.   There was only one catch to taking our time getting to the appointment on this morning.  I had to be back at home by 11 a.m. at the very latest because my son had to be at the school for the ACTS at 11:15. We finally made it to the office at 9:15, ninety minutes after we left home.  Our appointment took just a little under an hour.  The ride home was better, but still not good.  It took us 45 minutes.  About 15 minutes before we got home, my phone started going crazy. It seems my son was in a panic mode. He could not find his ID, and he was worried he would be late for his test since I was not home yet. (it would have not been a problem if everything had been on schedule)  His bus was supposed to come by around 10:40 if he wanted to take it, but because of the weather it was also running late. His sister started texting him while I was driving to try and calm him down.   We got to the house a little before eleven. I could not find his current ID either. He doesn't really use it, so it should have been in his backpack. I found his ID from last year. At first he did not want to take it, but agreed when he realized we were out of time to look for his other one. When we went by his friend's house, we saw him still waiting for the bus.  We asked if he wanted a ride.  He did, it was bitter cold that day and he had been waiting for a long time..  The boys got to the school around 11:20, and we got stuck in a back up in the parking lot.  They were considered on time though, because so many others were having the same issue getting there with the ice and snow. We had heard from As mom that the bus finally came by at 11:06.(30 mins late) I ended up going back to pick him up after school.  They only had a couple of buses to take the kids home.  He did not see his bus, so he was not sure what to do.  Instead of asking the bus drivers, he went to the office and called home.  

For the last couple of months, I have been doing a lot of juggling when it comes to the kids' activities.  Kyle has to go to Robotics four days a week.  Kara has to go to dance two of those four days.  On one of those days Kyle needs to be picked up 30 minutes before Kara's dance class starts.  On the other, Kyle needs to be dropped off 15 minutes before class starts. It would not be so bad if both were in the same town, but where Kyle has to go for Robotics is 20 minutes away.  Kara did ride along for awhile, so she would not be late to class, but a few weeks ago she started to get car sick every time she was the car.  About a month ago, maybe longer now, she started having veritgo, headaches and ocular migraines. We did not figure it out right away, but that is what is causing her so much trouble when she is in the car.  After she missed a few classes because she was too nauseous after the car ride to dance, we made the decision to let her wait until I got back to town before going to class.  This has made her late for every class. The teacher and I agree though, it is better to come in a few minutes late, than to be too sick to dance at all.   She is going to be seeing a pediatric neurologist this week, so hopefully he can figure out what is going on.  We were given a much needed break from Robotics this week, because we won our last match, and we do not have another one for a few more weeks. 

This week we still have something going on every single day this week, but it is only one child.  She has dance class, an orthodontist appointment  a choir festival, a Drs. appointment, and ballet production rehearsal.  Even though we are busy, it does not feel quite as bad because I am not juggling kids. 

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