Friday, May 2, 2014

The Week of Birthdays

It was Kyle's birthday this week.  We had a nice day, but I have very little proof of it.  He absolutely refused to smile in every picture that I took.  This one was at Fridays where we went to dinner. He was so excited that he got to have the steak with lobster, since it was a special occasion.  Normally he would not have been able to order it, since it costs almost $20.  

This is the face that I got when he posed with his Portal Birthday Cake. He would not even give me even a teeny little smile.  I saw him smile a lot that day, just not when the camera or phone was out.  He better watch out though..  I AM going to get a smile out of him again.   

Someone else had a birthday this week too.  Do you remember this guy?  Lucky turned 4 months old today.  He is considered to be a full grown mouse.  He is still super sweet and loves to be held by Kara.  He likes it when she sits him on her shoulder. He will play in her hair and sometimes hide in her shirt.  He normally does not sit still very long, so I really lucked out with this shot.  

Isn't this picture the sweetest.  She had given him a seed, and he was snuggling and eating it at the same time. If mice could look happy, I think this is what it would it would look like. 

Kyle's birthday means that we are now in the final stretch of school.  Only a little over 20 days are left.  Even though it doesn't seem right that summer is right around the corner, when it feels like winter just ended, we are looking forward to summer break.  I hope that I can get Kyle to do the homework he has been ignoring the last few weeks.   We will be having banquets, concerts, dance recitals  and all the other end of the school year events in the upcoming weeks.  In just a little over 20 days, Kristina will be a Senior.  I am not really ready for that.  When did she grow up?  I still remember that sweet little girl who was so excited about going to school.  I have a lead on a photographer for Senior pictures.  She is also  finally going to take drivers ed, so she can take the classes before she turns 18.  There is just so much more we need to worry about now, and a lot of things that cost money.   We will get through it though, we always do!  


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